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Brakes made for life, thrills, and adventure.

If picked correctly, brakes can help you speed through corners,  access remote places, and haul a loaded trailer across the country. 
Remmen Brakes is here to help you find the right brake product for whatever your need is. Browse our website, read our News page, or get in touch for any help you may need.


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Rotor Runout Reason

How to Check Rotor Run-Out

We don’t always think of the tolerances required on vehicles but in this day and age with vehicles being faster and more powerful, tolerances play

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We are committed to providing the reliable, consistent, and performance-focused brake solutions you are looking for.

brake pads

Brake pads made for a purpose. Street Performance, Performance, and Light Truck/SUV brake pads.

brake rotors

Next-Generation Carbon Ceramic rotors to steel/iron rotors, we have an application for virtually all road-going vehicles.

brake kits

Pairing brake rotors and pads can be a time-consuming ordeal. We did the work for you in our performance focused offerings.

Quick, easy, and the perfect solution for all your braking needs.