Unlocking your vehicle's potential through braking is our goal

Making brake products you need is our priority. Creating quality, reliable products to serve you is our mandate.

With decades of accumulated industry experience in braking, Remmen Brakes exists to bring you innovative braking solutions that work really well for cars, trucks, or SUV’s.

We have built Remmen Brakes to provide you with knowledge and useful products. Have a look through our website to find answers to your questions on brake systems and contact us for added help

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Our Commitment to you


For those who love to drive with speed or those who demand extra power for adventure hauls, our products are focused on going above and beyond “accepted” norms.


All our products are manufactured in ISO9001/TS16494 certified facilities and are strictly controlled to the highest standards. What this means is that you will get products that meet or most likely exceed OEM standards.

We are the manufacturers you can trust on for a perfect solution to all your braking needs.


Far too often have we heard customers mention using a brand that offers considerably different performance from one year to another. We commit to providing performance across product batches for all our products.


Nature is not something to be taken lightly. Regardless of any viewpoints in climate change, we have committed to executing eco-friendly practices and growing with environmental sustainability in mind.

Long-term value

A core belief of ours is that we will develop a product and brand that customers can rely on for generations. And we will do so through continuous improvements and innovations to increase safety, performance, consistency and efficiency standards.

Customer service

We will be by your side for support and guidance wherever you may need it. Have an issue or a question or a complaint? Give us a call!

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Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken precautionary measures to protect our staff, families, and customers. 

While we are still open and accepting orders, there will be delays in shipping out those orders. 

Please contact us for any concerns you may have. 

Thank you and stay safe!

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