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Remmen Brake Pads Upgrades

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The fastest and most economical means of upgrading your brake system is to simply replace your brake pads. Depending on the car, this can be done in the span of an hour or two and the effects can be seem almost immediately (after a proper bed-in procedure has been carried out!).

Remmen Brakes offers three series of brake pads to suit your driving needs. Have a look at the series descriptions below to understand their applications.

Bathurst Series

Street Performance

The street enthusiast with high power under their foot will find the Bathurst Series to be a great upgrade. Named after the Mount Panorama circuit in Australia (which is home to the Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12hr races), the Bathurst series is designed to provide street-faring cars with control at high speeds and at winding corners. Appear civil on public roads but have the ability to turn it up whenever you want. Outlast the competition in lifetime, performance, and comfort (NVH)

Learn more about the Bathurst Series HERE

Imola Series


The up-and-coming track star who drives on the streets as well as at High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) will benefit from the Imola Series. Named after the world famous Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari located in Imola, Italy, this series of brake pads will meet your every demand in your quest of bragging rights at HPDEs. Drive to the event, conquer the track, and drive home.

Learn more about the Imola Series HERE

Rockies Series

Light Truck/SUV

For those heavy hauling days where regular pads just can’t perform the Rockies Series of pads will meet your need. Being named after the undulating mountain ranges of Western Canada, this series of pads will provide you and your truck with consistent, predictable braking performance. Navigate your vehicle and tow your toys through treacherous mountain passes, rolling hills, or remote places with confidence.

Learn more about the Rockies Series HERE

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