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Providing Innovative Brake Solutions for Your Team

Racing: Performance, Predictability, and Reliability

At Remmen, racing is an extension of our driving philosophy and it is our source of innovation and creation. We consistently challenge our engineers to develop the latest and greatest technologies that will provide our clients with the advantage they need to beat their competition on the racetrack and off.

From custom systems, built to comply with specific regulations, to upgrading existing systems for professional series, we support your racing needs and strive to give you the performance you demand and the safety you deserve.

Armored: Protecting Lives with Improved Braking

With current armoured vehicle designs demanding more stringent specifications, a more customized brake system that fits the vehicle’s purpose becomes a necessity. At Remmen, we work in unison with the manufacturer’s team to engineer the most appropriate solution for the vehicle’s purpose.

From the onset of inquiry, multiple factors will be considered in order to design the perfect brake system. Such factors include the weight of the vehicle, the environment in which the vehicle is used, the aesthetic design of the vehicle, and the need for making the brake system appear completely stock.

Niche OEM: Unique Solutions for Unique Products

With the evolution of technology and material science, vehicles are now more powerful, more agile, more controllable, and infinitely more interesting. Examples can be seen in the elite hyper-cars so many have fawned over. As such vehicles consistently push the envelope of what previous generations though was impossible, braking technology has also continued to evolve.

Remmen Brakes specializes in offering unique brake solutions of the highest order to niche OEM manufacturers; be it super-cars, hyper-cars, or next-generation electric plug-in vehicles. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you reach your performance goals.

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