Rear Porsche 964 Brake Assembly by Remmen ST

Engineering Solutions

With the evolution of technology and material science, vehicles are now more powerful, more agile, and infinitely more interesting. As vehicles consistently pushed the envelope of what previous generations thought was impossible, braking technology had also continued to evolve.

Looking for unique innovative brake solutions for your project? We can do that.

Small Batch Production

Producing brake products to meet specific price targets usually requires a large volume to take advantage of economies of scale. Producing in small batches introduces inefficiencies which, if not controlled correctly, can skyrocket production costs. It takes a special team to be able to manufacture small batches in an economical method and Remmen Brakes has that team.

You provide the design, we provide economical small-batch production

Remmen brakes racing solutions

Racing Solutions

At Remmen, racing is an extension of our driving philosophy and it is our source of innovation and creation. We consistently challenge our engineers to develop the latest and greatest technologies that will provide our clients with the advantage they need on, and off, the racetrack.

Need a system to comply with specific regulations or to upgrade your performance? We can do that.

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While we are still open and accepting orders, there will be delays in shipping out those orders. 

Please contact us for any concerns you may have. 

Thank you and stay safe!

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