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How to Check Rotor Run-Out

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We don’t always think of the tolerances required on vehicles but in this day and age with vehicles being faster and more powerful, tolerances play a key part in the comfort, reliability, and performance of the vehicle.

Explained in this article, Lateral Run-out (or simply run-out) is a measure of how much off-centre a brake rotor is as it spins around the hub. A vibration, or pulsing, in your brake pedal or steering wheel when your apply your brakes may indicate that your run-out is off tolerance. In this article, we will go over how to check it. Luckily it’s pretty simple and you only need one tool to do it: a dial indicator. Here are some best-sellers from

Checking Brake Run-out With A Dial Indicator

Check Rotor Run-out in 9 Easy Steps

  1. Remove the wheel
  2. Reinstall the lug nuts/bolts to ensure the rotor is secured to the hub.
  3. Anchor the dial indicator to a fixed, non-moving base (usually on the steering knuckle).
  4. Position the dial indicator such that the needle is perpendicular to the rotor and is measuring about 10mm from the edge of the rotor.
  5. Lightly tap the dial indicator onto the rotor a couple of times to test the needle’s readings.
  6. Slowly rotate the rotor and find the point where the dial indicator is giving you the lowest reading on the rotor.
  7. Zero the dial indicator at this point.
  8. Continue to rotate the rotor to find the point where the dial indicator is giving you the HIGHEST reading.
  9. This reading is your run-out.

As a point of reference, consider that the maximum allowed run-out in most modern vehicles is around 0.05mm (2/1000 in).

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