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How it’s made: Carbon Ceramic Brakes (The Next Generation) [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Carbon Ceramic Matrix brake rotors are now widely known to be the brake rotors of choice for the street-fairing super-car and hyper-car. With significantly lower weights than traditional iron rotors and virtually no brake fade, it’s not hard to see why.

For a quick article on the history of Carbon Ceramic brake rotors, see this post.

Surface Transforms’ brake rotors are the next generation in Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Matrix brake rotors. What makes these rotors (called “CCST”) so different is that instead of using chopped carbon fibre as the base material, the CCST rotors use continuous fibre to establish the preform. This gives the rotor a very solid foundation with which to start. Couple this with the patented manufacturing process and you end up with CCST rotors that outperform all current brake rotors on the market today.

To review the benefits, check out the CCST rotor product page.

Here is How The Next Generation of Carbon Ceramic Rotors are Made:

How CCST is Made

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