Bathurst BA200 Brake Pads.

The Bathurst series of brake pads is designed for the street goer looking for an improvement in their vehicle’s braking performance. The Series focuses on delivering superior stability, leading wear characteristics, and unmatched bite for those high powered vehicles.

The BA200 formula presents a semi-metallic brake pad that performs consistently from a cold start to temperatures above 500 C (930F). With a high initial coefficient of friction of around 0.40, the compound is sure to give you the control you need under many driving conditions



Avg. coefficient of friction

Virtually dust-free 

Great resistance to fade

Reduced pad and disc wear. Longer life.

Minimal noise and vibration

Great feel

testing and benchmarking

How does the Bathurst BA200 perform?

Remmen Brakes pads are tested under the most stringent of tests. The AK MASTER test is an industry standard test that is quite aggressive and reveals minute flaws in compounds. Test results for the Bathurst BA200 compound reveal an incredibly stable compound with a predictable friction profile across a wide temperature range. Pad wear is and rotor wear are minimal and when compared to industry leaders, they reveal a significant advantage over them. Check out the graphs!


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