Bathurst Series: Street Performance Upgrade Kits

By pairing up the Street Performance focused Bathurst pads with either our plain or cross-drilled & slotted brake rotors, we’ve created a brake upgrade solution that any street faring enthusiast will admire. Whether in high powered muscle cars or the family car, you’ll be sure to find this upgrade kit is worth the investment.

The Bathurst kit is an easy upgrade from OEM systems that provides immediate results. Bed them in and expect superior stability with a constant friction profile across temperatures

Use for spirited driving and increased safety. Good for aggressive braking and high powered vehicles & muscle cars



Avg. Coefficient of friction


Industry-leading coating for corrosion resistance

Virtually dust-free

Reduced pad and disc wear. 
Longer life.

Easy bolt-on upgrade

Reduced noise and vibration

Stable through a wide temperature range

Great feel

THE Pads

How do the pads measure up?

Remmen Brakes pads are tested under the most stringent of tests. The AK MASTER test is an industry standard test that is quite aggressive and reveals minute flaws in compounds.

Test results for the Bathurst BA200 compound reveal an incredibly stable compound with a predictable friction profile across a wide temperature range. Pad wear is and rotor wear are minimal and when compared to industry leaders, they reveal a significant advantage over them. Check out the graphs!

The Rotors

The details that matter

Geomet® Coating for Added Protection Against Corrosion

Rounded Slots and Bevelled Holes for Improved Contact Surface and Reduced Harshness on Brake Pads

Air Vanes for Increased Airflow and Cooling Efficiency

Stress-relief Design Features to Help Eliminate Warping and Increase Lifetime

Machined for Improved Tolerances, Reduced Vibrations, and Superior Performance

Heat Treated Metallurgy for Improved Strength, Durability, and Resistance to Warping

The finishing options

100 - Plain & Coated

Plain and coated for superior resistance to corrosion in virtually any environment and smooth, quiet, vibration-free operation.

130 - Cross-drilled, Slotted & Coated

Cross-drilled, slotted and coated for increased airflow and pad gas management. Expect cooler rotor temperatures, increased fade resistance, and better brake bite.


Upgrades shouldn't be this easy!


  • Leading friction profile with unrivalled fade resistance
  • Consistent bite in hot and cold temperatures
  • Reduced pad and disc wear
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • Minimal dust
  • Great brake feel


Bathurst kits are available for either the front axle, rear axle, or the entire vehicle. Every kit comes with the rotors in either plane or cross-drilled and slotted and the Bathurst BA200 brake pads. Any shims for the pads will be included where necessary.