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Next-Generation Carbon Ceramic Matrix Rotors (CCST): Braking Evolved

Remmen Brakes has partnered with Surface Transforms to proudly offer the next generation in carbon ceramic brake discs (CCST) which is produced under a patented manufacturing process.

Since the early 1990s, Surface Transforms has developed and streamlined the next generation of carbon ceramic brake discs. Significant investments in time, capital, and effort has paid off in the form of a high tech, light-weight, high performance brake disc that beats out current chopped fibre carbon ceramic rotors on the market.

By utilizing continuous carbon fibres to produce brake discs, the company offers CCST rotors with increased performance and longevity, and reduced cost of ownership. It’s not hard to understand why the world’s leading producers of high performance cars are opting to use CCSTs.

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Reduction in Weight vs. Steel


Thermal Capacity of current Carbon Ceramic discs

Improved Handling and Driveability

Less Noise, Vibration, Harshness vs. current CCM


Lifespan Improvement vs current CCM discs (Refurbish up to 3x)

Unrivalled Performance from Cold

The Remmen CCST brake rotors are at the peak of braking technology and are trusted by global hyper-car manufacturers. Matched with the Pagid RS29 or Pagid RSC1 brake pads, the kits offered by Remmen provide unrivalled stopping power for the powerhouse you drive.

Find CCSTs on the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Koenigsegg Agera, and the Koenigsegg Regera

Agera CCST

CCST Construction Features

Carbon Ceramic CCST Continuous Fibre Closeup

Patented Continuous Fibre weave provides greater performance and longevity

Carbon Ceramic Rotor Surface Finish CCST

Smooth surface finish for even contact and consistent brake performance

Carbon Ceramic CCST Air Vanes

Air vanes for increased airflow for near-zero brake fade

Carbon Ceramic CCST Floating

Fully-floating aluminum hats for stress-free operation

Cross-drilled finish ensures high dust and gas management capabilities

CCST Rotor kits are a great choice for replacements or OE upgrades. They consist of an axle set (pair) of two-piece rotors, brake pads, and hardware for a bolt-on install.

With a simple bolt-on brake system, you can expect to hit the tarmac in the blink of an eye.

A major benefit of the Remmen CCST rotors is the ability to refurbish the rotor up to three times. The continuous fibre construction offers layers that are capable of being resurfaced as long as the minimum thickness of the rotor has not been exceeded. With refurbishment costing a fraction of the price of a new set of Carbon Ceramic discs, it’s easy to see why CCSTs are the choice for high performance super cars.

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Porsche CCST

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