Rockies RK205 Brake Pads.

Designed for the grunt work that light trucks, SUVs, and (these days) CUVs are put to. Whether towing or hauling heavy loads, the Rockies series of pads can take a beating and still perform. Be confident in your braking performance as you traverse mountain passes, rolling hills, and long country roads.

The RK205 formula will provide you with consistently powerful braking from a cold start. Expect predictable and dependable braking profiles for those long highway roads, quick city hops, or those steep mountain passes.


Great resistance to fade

Reduced  disc wear.

Reduced noise and vibration

Predictable braking profile

Great feel

testing and benchmarking

How does the Rockies RK205 perform?

Remmen Brakes pads are tested under the most stringent of tests. The AK MASTER test is an industry standard test that is quite aggressive and reveals minute flaws in compounds.

Test results for the Rockies RK205 compound reveal a workhorse of a compound. Friction profile is stable and predictable across a variety of temperature ranges. It’s resistance to fade is comparable to the high-end products of competitors. A respectable pad wear-rate and a great rotor wear-rate means long-lasting braking power.


The details that matter

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