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Tesla Model S Brake Rotors Now Available!

Electrification, auto-pilot, solar energy, and vehicle software are only a few of the ways that Tesla Motors has incorporated technological advances into their vehicles. The company has been on the forefront of automotive innovation over the last decade and we can arguably say that it is responsible for changing the way cars are being produced, bought and used.

Being at the forefront of innovation can sometimes mean outpacing the existing support structure while the structure adapts to the different concepts introduced. We’ve heard of countless stories of Model S and Model X owners looking to speed up the repair of their vehicles only to face issues with parts availability and a long waiting list. Some, have even turned to repairing the vehicles themselves.

We would like to help with the support structure for Tesla… at least on the parts front! We love to see new technologies being developed, produced and used and we try our best to support that. To that end, we are proud to announce that we have developed steel brake rotors for the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

We have two different types of rotors available now in inventory: the B100 (plain) and the B130 (cross-drilled & slotted) series.

Purchase through our website or via our retail partners.

Happy driving!

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