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Vivid Racing now Sells Remmen Brakes Products!

United States customers! We’re happy to say that Vivid Racing is also a distributor of Remmen Brakes products.

Vivid Racing is a globally renowned company that grew from humble beginnings in 2001 to be one of the most recognized performance tuning and online automotive parts sales businesses. As the business grew, the company paired their passion for the auto-industry and their knowledge in vehicle performance to compete in automotive events around North America. With over 17,000,000 views on YouTube and millions of unique website, Instagram, and Facebook visitors, the company has grown into a powerhouse in the performance automotive industry.

Vivid Racing has come a long way by focusing on their customers and by keeping their customers as their first priority. We are confident that you will be happy with their world-class service!

Find all our current list of inventoried items (CCST and steel rotors) online HERE at and start enjoying your drive!

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