Leading the way to safer more integrated brake technology

Significant improvements in material technology and systems controls over the last decade has allowed for the invention of a new and improved brake system.

The Non-Linear Electro-Mechanical Brake (NEMB).

The NEMB is a patent-pending brake system that uses an electric motor and mechanical linkages to apply a force to the brake pads.

  • Fewer system components
  • Independently controllable calipers
  • Zero brake fluid
  • Faster reaction time
  • True Zero-Drag


Faster reaction time
0 %+

Over 50% reduction in reaction time to full braking compared to the next-best braking technology.

shorter stopping distance
0 m

Stopping distance reduction from 100km/h (62mph) due to faster reaction time (standard size vehicle).

~ 0 %

No pumps, boosters, lines, master cylinders, reservoirs or other hydraulic components. Pneumatic components can be significantly reduced if not eliminated.

Brake Fluid Not Used
0 M L

The system is mechanically actuated and required no brake fluid. If 5% of vehicles in the United States use the NEMB, we can save 12 MILLION litres (13.5 quarts) of brake fluid per year

Fuel Not Used
0 L

True zero drag can account for about 50L (13gal) per year, or more, in fuel savings per standard Internal Combustion Engine vehicle.

Smaller Battery Size for EV
0 %

True zero drag can account for up to a 10% reduction in the battery size used on Electric Vehicles.

advantages & possibilities

Greater possibilities in vehicle brakes

Improved Traction Control

Faster reaction time allows for increased effectiveness of Traction Control systems. The ability to control each caliper independently offers new options to vehicle control in unstable situations

Improved Safety

The calipers work together in parallel and remain functional should another caliper stop working. During a full power-outage, the backup power system kicks in for full brake authority. Faster reaction times lead to better control over ABS systems and provide shorter stopping distances in emergencies.

Lower Operating Costs

No brake fluid is needed, greater pad life, less fuel usage, and longer mileage. Expect operating costs when used on commercial vehicles to be significant due to savings in weight and fuel requirements to power secondary systems (air compressors).

Seamless System Integration

Precise control capabilities allows for minute adjustments to braking power. This makes the system ideal for integration with regenerative braking systems since the driver won’t feel the changing mix (blending) of friction brake and generator.

Perfect for Autonomous Vehicles

Less system components, independently controlled brake calipers, ease of coding control software and significantly faster reaction time allows for unlimited possibilities in vehicle dynamics.


About the Technology


The NEMB uses an electric motor and a patent-pending design of linkages and gears to amplify the torque of the motor by 3 to 4 times and convert that torque to a linear force.


The calipers of the NEMB system operate in parallel. This means that each caliper can be operated independently. 

Signals sent from the brake pedal can be sent directly to the calipers or via the on-board ECU. Such flexibility opens up a wide range of possibilities in vehicle dynamics and safety management.


Because each caliper can be controlled independently the system is inherently redundant. Should one caliper fail, the other three calipers will remain operational. In conventional hydraulic systems and newer Electro-Hydraulic a pressure-loss in the brake fluid line can mean a catastrophic brake system failure.

Should the vehicle’s ECU shut down, input from the pedal can still reach the calipers and the system’s backup power supply will allow for brake engagement to safely stop the vehicle.


BRAKE FLUID: The NEMB does not use brake fluid. Brake fluid is a corrosive fluid that must be disposed of as a hazardous substance. Elimination of this fluid allows for more environmentally friendly brake systems.

TRUE ZERO-DRAG: The NEMB mechanism actively pulls the pads off the rotor. This means that, unlike current hydraulic systems, the vehicle will have true-zero drag leading to fuel savings, extended Electric Vehicle ranges and reduced battery sizes.

BRAKE DUST: Because of the True Zero Drag feature, you can expect reduced brake dust on the vehicle’s wheels.

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