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6 Things Overlooked When Changing Your Brakes

6 Things Overlooked When Changing Brakes Changing brake pads or brake rotors might be considered an easier job for the more technically savvy enthusiast. However, as simple as it may be, it's also quite easy to overlook a few [...]

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  • Subaru STI Slotted rotors

Understanding Brake Fade

Remember the law of conservation of energy? High school physics at its best! The law basically states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Instead, it is transferred from one form to another. Now, consider how a vehicle is [...]

  • Carbon Ceramic Build Process

How it’s made: Carbon Ceramic Brakes (The Next Generation) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Carbon Ceramic Matrix brake rotors are now widely known to be the brake rotors of choice for the street-fairing super-car and hyper-car. With significantly lower weights than traditional iron rotors and virtually no brake fade, it’s not hard to [...]